2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

Many of the courses described in this section include references to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement was developed by the North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina System to address the transfer needs of students between systems.

All courses in this section with a statement about the CAA have been deemed transferable by the two systems. However, even for courses included in the CAA, most colleges and universities will accept for transfer only those courses with a grade of “C” or better.

In addition to the sixteen public universities of the University of North Carolina System, many of the private colleges and universities honor the conditions of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.

Writing Intensive Courses

Some courses in the College Transfer program are designated as “Writing Intensive Courses.” The following description of writing intensive courses are adapted from Writing Across the Curriculum Program Handbook published by East Carolina University:

Writing intensive courses emphasize academic writing, professional writing, writing-to-learn, and a combination of writing approaches or collaborative assignments from  faculty in different disciplines. A writing intensive course treats writing both as a tool for learning and a skill to be learned. Although a number of models exist for teachers  to choose from, a writing intensive class will include a variety of writing assignments from the following list to total approximately 30-50 pages of student writing:

  • one long edited paper (12-15 pages) presented in draft and two preparation paper
  • four or five shorter (4-5 pages) edited papers
  • journal assignments (30-50 pages) of unedited reflective writing
  • a series of informal writing-to-learn assignments

It is highly recommended that students successfully complete ENG 111 prior to enrollment in any Writing Intensive Courses.

Courses Unique to a Concentration

When programs of study provide optional field-specific concentrations, they are generally intended for students majoring in the particular program of study. These courses will have an enrollment restriction listed as a local prerequisite.

To be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled in courses that are within their approved program(s) of study.

Course Requisites

It is the responsibility of Pitt Community College to ensure that students have satisfied prerequisite and corequisite requirements by documenting that they have either completed the appropriate courses or have demonstrated that they have the appropriate knowledge and skills required for admission to a course. Methods of fulfilling course requisites that the college will recognize other than completing the required requisites as stated on the current program of study include the following:

  • Transfer of credits from other educational organizations based on careful comparison of the courses being transferred in.
  • Successful completion of a test designed to assess student readiness for a particular course in lieu of requisites.
  • Demonstration of student mastery of material that would be covered in the requisite courses in a manner set up to be standard for all students in a particular program.
  • Work experience deemed by faculty expert to be equivalent to the requisite course work.

Pitt Community College is responsible for keeping records of all course requisite fulfillments by students.




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