2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

General PCC Information


Board of Trustees

Charles Ellis, Vice Chair - Greenville, NC Don Mills - Greenville, NC
Gary Evans, Chair - Ayden, NC     Dr. Patti Sanders-Smith - Greenville, NC
Brian Floyd - Greenville, NC  Randy Walters - Farmville, NC
Lindsey Griffin - Greenville, NC  
Dr. Virginia Hardy - Greenville, NC  
Dr. Steve M. Lassiter, Jr., Secretary - Greenville, NC  

Honorary Trustees (Ex-Officio)

Phillip R. Dixon
Kay V. Whichard
Dr. G. Dennis Massey, President Emeritus

SGA President (Ex-Officio)

Jeremy Galang

Pitt County Board of Commissioners

Tom Coulson Mary Perkins-Williams, Chairwoman
Benji Holloman Beth B. Ward
Ann Floyd Huggins Lauren White
Melvin C. McLawhorn Mark C. Smith
Christopher W. Nunnally, Vice Chair  

Pitt Community College Foundation

The Pitt Community College Foundation, Inc. receives gifts and secure external resources for the college. Individuals wishing to contribute to the Foundation may contact Georgia (Beth) Sigmon, Executive Director, at (252) 493-7834 or e-mail at gmsigmon057@my.pittcc.edu. Gifts/donations may be mailed to PCC Foundation, P. O. Drawer 7007, Greenville, NC 27835-7007 or on-line at www.pittccfoundation.com.

Board Members 

Bill Brown - Greenville, NC
Don Brown - Ayden, NC
Ricky Brown, Treasurer - Greenville, NC
John Carrere - Greenville, NC
Randy Collier, Chair - Greenville, NC
Jennifer Congleton - Winterville, NC
Marianne Cox, VP of Institutional Advancement - Winterville, NC
Sylvia Craft - Farmville, NC
Gary Evans, Board of Trustees Chair - Ayden, NC
Madison Everette - Raleigh, NC
Lindsey Griffin - Greenville, NC
Betty Langston - Winterville, NC
Melvin McLawhorn - Greenville, NC
Don Mills - Greenville, NC
Miles Minges, Immediate Past Chair - Greenville, NC
Simon Pate, Secretary - Greenville, NC
Lori Preast - Greenville, NC
Donald Rhodes, Vice-Chair - Farmville, NC
Kenneth Ross - Ayden, NC
Dr. Lawrence Rouse, President PCC - Greenville, NC
Beth Sigmon, Executive Director - Winterville, NC
Thomas Stroud - Greenville, NC
Jonathan Taft - Greenville, NC
Dan Taylor - Greenville, NC
Randy Walters - Winterville, NC
Diane Waters - Winterville, NC
Brooke Wetherington - Greenville, NC
Rachel Whitten - Greenville, NC
Brian Wing - Greenville, NC


PCC’s main campus is located on Highway 11 South, between Greenville and Winterville. Its physical address is 1986 Pitt Tech Road, Winterville, NC 28590.

The mailing address is P. O. Drawer 7007, Greenville, NC 27835-7007. The shipping address is 2064 Warren Drive, Winterville, NC 28590. The web address is www.pittcc.edu.

Greenville Center’s physical address is 3107 S. Memorial Drive, Greenville, NC

Performance Measures

2023 Performance Measures Summary Report

  System Excellence Level Average Band Max System Mean Average Band Min System Baseline Pitt CC Score
A. Basic Skills Progress 1.241 1.122 1.003 0.884 0.527 1.131
B. Credit English Success 1.144 1.074 1.004 0.934 0.723 0.881
C. Credit Math Success 1.194 1.100 1.005 0.910 0.626 0.874
D. First Year Progression 1.067 1.035 1.003 0.971 0.874 0.962
E. Curriculum Completion Rate 1.086 1.046 1.007 0.968 0.850 0.970
F. Licensure Pass Rate Index 1.069 1.026 0.982 0.938 0.806 0.909
G. Transfer Performance 1.036 1.009 0.982 0.954 0.871 0.979

Based on NCCCS Data Office of Research and Performance Management
Pitt Community College 2023 Performance Measures Scores (most recent available)