2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 24, 2023  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty and Staff

Office of the President

Lawrence L. Rouse, EdD

Kathryn M. Carnes, AAS
Executive Administrative Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees

Human Resources

Ina R. Rawlinson, DBA
Vice President, Human Resources

Kerry M. Bruner, MA
Director, Human Resources

Linda King, BA
Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources

Kay J. Lee, AAS
Human Resources Coordinator/ FT Payroll and Benefits

Cynthia Little, AAS
Human Resources Specialist

Stephanie C. Robertson, BA
Human Resources Specialist

Planning and Research

Brian P. Miller, EdD
Vice President, Planning and Research

Anna E. Jones, MA
Director, Institutional Research

Jennifer G. Joyner, AAS
Coordinator, Institutional Survey Research

Stephannie W. Seaton, PhD
Research Specialist

Wallace Winborne, Jr., AAS
Administrative Assistant III, Planning and Research

Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement

Johnny M. Smith, EdD
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement

Roslyn Bethea, MEd
Director of Online Instructional Design

Kristin S. Braswell, EdD
Assistant Vice President, Initiatives and Community Development

Jalil R. Davis
Administrative Assistant II, Off-Campus Programs

Cynthia Green
Administrative Assistant I, Off-Campus Programs, Farmville Center

Mary E. Higgs
Administrative Assistant I, Community Outreach

Ernis Lee, BA
Assistant Vice President, College Outreach

Susan Howard Whitehurst, MAEd
Administrative Assistant, Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement

Office of the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services

Thomas Gould, PhD
Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs/Student Services

Dondra Perkins, AAS
Administrative Assistant III, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

Academic Divisions

Arts and Sciences Division

Stephanie Manley-Rook, PhD
Dean, Arts and Sciences Division

Patricia G. Adams, MA
Department Chair, Social Sciences

Jennifer Addison, MA
Instructor, Psychology

Kristen Andrews, MS
Instructor, Biotechnology

Jaysen C. Arno, MA
Instructor, Biology

Tammy J. Atchison, MS
Instructor, Biology

Kerri Augustino, MS
Instructor, Biology

Christine Bates, MA
Instructor, English and Humanities

Wesley L. Bishop, MA
Instructor, History

Donna H. Bivans, MS
Instructor, Biology

Mitchell W. Butts, MA
Humanities Coordinator

Jean Cahoon, MA, LPA
Instructor, Psychology

Brook L. Cathey, MA
Instructor, Psychology

Samantha S. Chauncey, MAEd
Instructor, Biology

James J. Clark, MA
Lead Instructor, English and Humanities

Laura L. Clift, MS
Instructor, Biology

Russell E. Clift, MS
Instructor, Biology

Amy R. Cole, MAEd
Instructor, Mathematics

Nicole B. Coutouzis, MA
Instructor, Health and Physical Education

Bryce A. Cranwell, MSBE, BSE
Instructor, Engineering

Shreé C. Daniels, DMin
Instructor, Philosophy and Religion

Victoria N. Davis-Gibbs, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Science Department

Jarret Devine, MS
Instructor, Biology

Thomas C. Doumaux, PhD
Instructor, History

Anthony J. Dunn, MA
Coordinator, Social Sciences

Tommy S. Eason, MA
Instructor, Physical Education, Baseball Coach

Nicole Franklin, MAEd
Instructor, American Sign Language

Stephen D. Gabriel, MS
Instructor, Chemistry

Patricia Gaither, MS
Instructor, Sociology

Charles E. Goodman, MS
Coordinator, Associate in Engineering

John R. Goodman, MA
Instructor, Communications

Avis Gray, MA
Instructor, Communications

Brian E. Gray, MS
Instructor, Geology

Michael (Josh) Hasty, MA
Instructor, English and Humanities

Sarah E. Hollis-Mervin, MS
Instructor, Biology

Anthony J. Holsten, MA
Instructor, English and Humanities

Crystal Howard, MA, MAEd
Lead Communications Instructor

Susan M. Howard, MAEd
Instructor/Coordinator, Math and Physics

Patricia A. Jackson, MA
Department Chair, University Transfer and Foreign Language

Ana Jimenez-Leary, MA
Instructor, Spanish

Fulani Jones, MBA
Instructor, Spanish/University Transfer Specialist

Velislava K. Karaivanova, PhD
Instructor, Chemistry

Bernadette M. Kenny, MD
Instructor, Biology

Keri N. Lewis, MA
Instructor, Mathematics

Daniela L. Long, MS
Instructor, Mathematics

Sarah R. Mangum Needham, MD
Instructor, Biology

Kimberly F. Marriner, MA, ADN
Instructor, Sociology

Joshua K. Matthews, MA
Department Chair, English and Humanities

Jonathon McDonald, MA, BA
Instructor, Mathematics

Lauren McGee, DVM
Instructor, Biology

Robert A. McIntyre, PhD
Instructor, Chemistry

Toby McMahon, MAEd
Instructor, Mathematics

Marguerite Morrisey, MA
University Transfer Specialist, Instructor, Communication

Joy E. Moses-Hall, PhD
Instructor, Physics/Astronomy

Farrah Owens, MAEd
Instructor, Health and Physical Education

Kenneth Pearce, MS
Instructor, Chemistry

Judith W. Pike, HS Diploma
Administrative Assistant I, Math and Physics

Jeffrey S. Ramey, MAEd
Instructor, Health and Physical Education

Catherine C. Reynolds, MA
Instructor, English and Humanities

Vonkisha Robbins, MA
Instructor, Mathematics

Jeffrey R. Rorer, MS
Department Chair, Science

Lara H. Smith, MA
Instructor, Mathematics

Porsche Spruell, BS
Administrative Assistant II, Arts and Sciences Division

Vandana Srivastava, MS, MAEd
Instructor, Mathematics

Daniel V. Stanford, MFA
Composition Coordinator

Scott Temple, MFA
Instructor, English and Humanities

Natasha Thompson, MAEd
Administrative Assistant I, University Transfer and Foreign Language

Ben Trimpi, MS
Instructor, Biotechnology

Tetyana Vilkomir, PhD
Instructor, Mathematics

Christina G. Weeks, MS
Department Chair, Biotechnology

Stephanie T. Woodley, MA
Department Chair, Math and Physics

Business Division

Katherine Clyde, MBA
Dean, Business Division

Shelley C. Allen, MSEd
Instructional Coordinator, Information Technology: Network Management, CISCO Academy

Alison L. Ambrose, MBA
Instructor, Economics/ Coordinator, Advising Center

Tyerice J. Armwood, MS
Instructor, Information Technology: Computer Programming and Development

Robin Ashley, MBA
Instructor, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Shareen L. Berkowitz, AAS
Business Counselor

Timothy C. Bivans, BA, BS
Instructional Coordinator, Simulation and Game Development

Mandy Bowers, MAEd
Instructional Coordinator, Business Administration: Marketing

Timothy J. Broadwell, MBA
Instructional Coordinator, Accounting and Finance: Accounting

Etta Roxanne Causey, Cosmetology Diploma, CL
Instructor, Cosmetology

Shannon K. Cotnam, EdD
Instructional Coordinator, Information Technology: Web Administration and Design

Linda H. Cruz, AAS, CL
Instructor, Cosmetology

John M. Daugherty, MBA
Department Chair, Administrative and Healthcare Technologies

Wendy W. Dunbar, BS
Coordinator, Workforce Licensure

Jim O. Ensor, MBA, BS, CPP
Director, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Anthony W. Garner, MAEd
Instructional Coordinator, Information Technology: Technical Support

Beverly C. Garrett, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Computer Technologies

Michelle F. Gay, MBA
Instructor, Business Administration

Jeffrey Allan Glover, MA
Instructor, Economics

Charles R. Griffin, MBA
Department Chair, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Economics

Valentina Holder, MAEd, RHIA
Instructor, Medical Office Administration

Joseph L. Jeansonne, MSIT
Instructional Coordinator, Information Technology: Network Management and Cyber Security

Kelli M. Johnston, MBA
Instructor, Business Administration

Terra Jones, MA
Student Success Advisor

Ruth Lupton, MS
Instructor, Office Administration

Susan H. Marsh, BS
Student Success Advisor

Marla A. McLawhorn, BS, RHIA, CPC
Instructor, Medical Office Administration

Jeffery D. Mobley, MS
Instructor, Computer Technologies

Karen M. Moody, BS
Instructional Coordinator, Healthcare Management Technology

Priscilla Moore-Rodgers, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Business Administration

Sabrina Mozingo, MS
Instructor, Computer Technologies

Bynum E. Murray III, MFA
Instructor, Simulation and Game Development

Yolanda Pritchard, MSIT
Instructor, Information Technology Support

Kristina R. Register, MS
Instructor, Office Administration

Daniel E. Rhem, MBA
Instructional Coordinator, Business Administration: General Business Administration

Gregory E. Robison, EdD
Department Chair, Computer Technologies

Borgella Saint-Ulysse, MBA
Instructor, Business Administration

Charmaine L. Smith, MA
Instructional Coordinator, Computer Technologies, College Transfer

Sharon Smith, MHA
Instructor, Healthcare Management Technology

Anita Lynn Stroud, AAS, CL
School Manager, Cosmetology

Bill Sypawka, EdD
Instructional Coordinator, Information Technology: Computer Programming and Development

Robert P. Tallo, MAEd
Instructor, Accounting

Jared Taunton, MBA
Instructor, Business Administration

Wanda C. Tenpenny, BS, RHIA, CPC, CPMA
Instructional Coordinator, Medical Office Administration

Denise C. Whitfield, MAEd
Instructor, Computer Technologies

Allyson S. Woolard, MBA, BS, RHIA, CMRS, CPB, CMCS
Instructor, Medical Office Administration

Billie P. Woolard, AAS
Administrative Assistant II, Business Division

Kathy A. Worthington, MS
Instructional Coordinator, Office Administration

Department Chair, Business Administration

Construction and Industrial Technology Division

Steven J. Mathews, MEd
Dean, Construction and Industrial Technology Division

Richard Alligood, AAS
Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology

Amelia Bain, MAEd, BA
Student Success Advisor

Jessica P. Blake, MAEd
Student Success Advisor

Parker V. Carnes, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Patrick J. Corbett, AAS
Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology

Dustin D. Doughtie, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology - HS

Keith G. Drury, BA
Department Chair, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology

William E. Everett, AAS
Instructor, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology

Tony F. Gallardo, AAS
Curriculum Coordinator, Industrial Systems Technology

Lynn V. Griffin, BSBE
Tech Academy Program Director

David P. Hill, II, MS, BS
Instructor, Computer-Integrated Machining

William B. Hofler, MS
Instructor, Architectural Technology

Alison W. Johnson, BS
Administrative Assistant I, Construction and Industrial Technology

Keith G. Kinlaw, AAS
Department Chair, Computer-Integrated Machining and Welding Technology

Norman K. Lilley, BS
Department Chair, Automotive Systems Technology

Glen (Steve) Mabry
Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology

David G. Manning, AAS
Curriculum Coordinator, Industrial Management Technology; Safety Instructor

Dennis W. Marshall, MEd, BS 
Department Chair, Electrical Systems and Horticulture Technology

Calvin J. Mayo, AAS
Curriculum Coordinator, Computer-Integrated Machining

Bradley Mills, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Glenn A. Morrison, AAS
Instructor, Building Construction Technology

Charles E. Newkirk, Jr. AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Gail Nichols, BS, CPP
Coordinator, Technical Trades

Zachariah Oeding, AAS, CW
Instructor, Welding Technology

James T. Pinkham, BFA
Instructor, Building Construction Technology

Jerry A. Pittman, AAS
Curriculum Coordinator, Greenhouse and Grounds

Steven D. Reynolds, AAS
Instructor, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology

Jason W. Rouse, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Bryan S. Shirley, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Amy T. Stephenson, BS
Department Chair, Engineering and Industrial Technology

Joseph E. Strickland, AAS
Instructor, Electrical/Electronics Technology

Andrew J. Thompson, AAS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Prentice L. Tyndall, Jr., BS
Curriculum Coordinator, Electronics Engineering Technology

Walter G. Underwood, AAS
Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology

Maurey D. Verzier, BFA
Department Chair, Architectural Technology and Building Construction Technology

Stephen R. Whitlock, BS
Instructor, Automation/Electronics Engineering

Teresa A. Williams, BS
Instructor, Welding Technology

Administrative Assistant II, Construction and Industrial Technology Division

Instructor, Architectural Technology

Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology

Health Sciences Division

Donna V. Neal, MAEd, RRT, RCP
Dean, Health Sciences Division

Heidi M. Albertson, BS, RT(R)(T), CMD
Instructor, Medical Dosimetry

Caroline Andrews, MS, OTR/L
Fieldwork Coordinator

Necole Bartley, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Health Sciences Division

Madeline Beamon, BSRS, RT(R)(T)
Instructor, Radiography

Keela J. Blango, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Aleksandra Bockowski, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Angela Boyd, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Lynne W. Braxton, MSN, RN, CDE
Instructor, Nursing

Shelby Brothers, BS, CDAII
Program Director, Dental Assisting

Sidette Boyce Brown, MA, BS
Director, Healthcare Programs

Teresa Bulluck, AAS, RN
Instructor, Nursing Assistant

Tavondia W. Burdett, MSN, MA, RN
Director of Nursing

Leslie (Craig) Carico, BS, EMT-P, NCOEMS Level II Instructor
Program Director, Emergency Medical Science

Sharon G. Ceres, MA
Instructor/Advisor, AGE

Scott J. Clinefelter, MAEd, CNMT, RTN
Program Director, Nuclear Medicine Technology and PET

Tina Clinefelter, MS, RT(R), (CT), (MR)
Program Director, CT/MRI Technology

Kendall A. Commodore, BSRT, RRT, RCP
Clinical Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy

Heather F. Costanzo, BS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Program Director, Medical Sonography/ Echocardiography

Mary F. Daniel, EdD, RT(R)(M)(BS)
Program Director, Radiography and Breast Imaging

Carolyn (Renee) Dawson, BFA, COTA/L
Instructor, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Lorin (Nickie) Dixon, MA
Instructor/Advisor, AGE

Tamara T. Flynn, BS, RHIA, CHTS-IM
Clinical Coordinator, Health Information Technology

Kimberly W. Grant, MA, RT(R)(T)
Clinical Coordinator, Radiation Therapy Technology

Teresa W. Griffith, MAEd, CNMT, PET
Instructor, Nuclear Medicine Technology and PET

Christine E. Harris, AAS, CMA (AAMA)
Instructor, Medical Assisting/CPR Coordinator, CTC Training Center

Nancy L. Jesmer, BS
Administrative Assistant I, AGE

Kimberly S. Jordan, BSBA
Administrative Assistant II, Health Sciences Division

Allena G. King, MA, BS
Student Success Advisor

Don M. King, MAEd
Instructor/Advisor, AGE

Alison S. Knox, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Deneen Lawrence, BS, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Healthcare Programs

Shawne T. Llewellyn, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Allison R. Manning-Moore, BS, RDMS, RVT
Clinical Coordinator, Medical Sonography

Doreen Meglic, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Susan B. Moore, BS, CNMT
Clinical Coordinator, Nuclear Medicine Technology

Dana Parker, MAEd, BA
Department Chair, Associate in General Education (AGE)

Wendy M. Perrini, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Desiree’ Perry, BS, CDAII
Instructor, Dental Assisting

Holly Perry, BA
Student Success Advisor

Theresa R. Rawls, MS
Health Sciences Admissions Specialist

Kimberly Riddick, MBA
Student Success Advisor

Valerie S. Riggs, BS, RT(R)
Clinical Coordinator, Radiography

Karen W. Speight, BS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT
Instructor, Medical Sonography

Courtney Spence, MA
Health Sciences Admissions Specialist

Jeanette Spence, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Elaine F. Spencer, MA, RT(T)
Program Director, Radiation Therapy Technology and Medical Dosimetry

Crystal Spruill, BSRT, RRT, RCP
Instructor, Respiratory Therapy

Jeffrey (Ryan) Spruill, BS, RPSGT
Program Director, Polysomnography

Chastity S. Stepps, AAS, CMA (AAMA)
Instructor, Medical Assisting

Krystal C. Sugg, AAS, AS, CMA(AAMA)
Program Director, Medical Assisting

William (Rusty) Sugg, BAS, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, RCP
Program Director, Respiratory Therapy

Abby Venable, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Ashleigh B. Walker, MAEd, RHIA, CCS-P
Program Director, Health Information Technology

Alicia (Nikki) Weber, BS, RDCS
Clinical Coordinator, Echocardiography

Ashleigh Weir, PhD, MSN, RN
Instructor, Nursing

Jason White, AAS, RPSGT
Clinical Coordinator, Polysomnography

Lynn Woodard, BS, EMT-P, NCOEMS Level II Instructor
Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Medical Science

Instructor, Health Information Technology

Coordinator, Nurse Aid

Instructor, Nursing

Public Services and Fine Arts Division

Daniel Mayo, EdD
Dean, Public Services and Fine Arts Division

Matthew G. Amante, MFA
Instructor, Associate in Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

Raymond D. Bennett, BS
Instructional Coordinator, Basic Law Enforcement Training

Jordan Braswell, MS
Student Success Advisor

Lorri S. Brewer, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Fire/EMT/EMS Programs

Melissa Brinkley, MEd
Instructor, Early Childhood Education

Lynda S. Civils, MS
Department Chair, Human Services Technology

Vicki Coleman, JD
Department Chair, Paralegal Technology

Miranda Dunn, MAEd
Instructor, Early Childhood Education

Dawn M. Ellis, MS
Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Thomas L. Forrest, MJA, BS
Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training

Kellie G. Harrell, MA
Coordinator, Law Enforcement and Detention Officer Training

Christopher Harrison, MS, BA
Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Cara N. Herrington, MS, LPCS, CRC-MAC, LCAS, CCS ACS
Instructional Coordinator, Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse

Stacy H. Jarrell, BFA
Instructor, Graphic Arts, Advertising and Graphic Design

David Johnson, BLET Certified
Instructor, Law Enforcement Training

Sherri K. Joyner, MS
Department Chair, Criminal Justice Technology

Jordan Krutsch, MFA
Instructor, Associate in Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

Tonya Leggett, MA, MS
Instructor, Human Services Technology/Gerontology

Alexandra R. McCoy, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Law Enforcement

Mekenzie (Laura) Newkirk, AAS
Director, Fire/EMT/EMS

Mike E. Nicholson, MA
Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

Lakisha Peebles, MA
Admissions Counselor

Lisa (Ann) Peralta, MS, CRC, LPC, LCAS, CCJP
Instructor, Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse

Melissa D. Rees, MS
Department Chair, Early Childhood Education

Michael Stephenson, MM
Coordinator, Music and Drama

Faith P. Underwood, BS
Administrative Assistant II, Public Services and Fine Arts Division

Charity Valentine, MFA
Department Chair, Associate in Fine Arts

Lisa Webb, BS, CPP
Coordinator, Community Development

Eleanor M. Willard, PhD
Department Chair, Advertising and Graphic Design

Wendy D. Wooten, BS
Administrative Assistant I, Basic Law Enforcement Training

Christopher Young, JD
Instructor, Paralegal Technology

Instructor, Human Services Technology


Dawn Manning, BS
Athletic Director

Cassie Harrell
Student Engagement Specialist/Women’s Softball Coach

Jason Wood, BS
Student Recruitment Specialist, Assistant Baseball Coach


Courtney Behrle, MA
Senior Director of Engagement, BioNetwork

Bethany Kenyon, MAEd
Engagement Coordinator, BioNetwork (Eastern Region)

Will Prettyman, MAT
Engagement Technician, BioNetwork

Greg L. Smith, BA
Curriculum Coordinator, BioNetwork (Bioprocess Center)

Director of Programming, BioNetwork

Engagement Coordinator, BioNetwork (Central Region)

Curriculum and Instruction

Lori Preast, MA
Assistant Vice President, Curriculum and Instruction

Pamela T. Baldwin, MBA
Director of Curriculum Programs and Scheduling

Nicole J. Phelps
Lead Curriculum/Facilities Scheduler

Developmental Education and Academic Support

Katrina Arnold, EdD
Senior Director, Developmental Education, Transitional Studies, and Academic Support

Edwin Franklin, MS
Instructional Coordinator, Developmental English

Regina Y. Garcia, MAEd
Instructor, Developmental English/ Instructor, Humanities

Rebecca L. Knapp, BS
Instructor, Developmental Math

Jennifer B. Leigh, BA
Instructor, Developmental English

Emily McConnell
Administrative Assistant II, Developmental Studies and First-Year Success

Glynis B. Mullins, MAEd
Instructional Coordinator, Developmental Math

Dustin M. Sharp, MAEd
Instructor, Developmental Math

Sallie E. Stone, MAEd
Instructor, Developmental English/ Instructor, Humanities

Bonnie D. Sutton, BS
Academic Skills Lab Technical Assistant

Cheri M. White, MAEd
Instructor, Developmental English/ Achievement Coach

Distance Education and Teaching and Learning Development

Happy Gingras, MAEd
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning Development

Mike W. Clendenen, AAS
Director, Distance Learning

Tina L. Farmer, AAS
Coordinator, Course Development Support, Distance Learning

Ken Peel
Content Creation Specialist, Distance Learning

RaSheeda Waddell, MA, BA
Teaching and Learning/Perkins Specialist

Grants Management

Jamie Mitchell, AA
Director, Grants Management

Hannah Hackett
Administrative Assistant/Pre-Award Specialist, Grants Management

Post-Award Specialist, Grants Management

High School Programs

Natasha Worthington, MA
Director, High School Programs

Andrea R. Harper
Administrative Assistant I, High School Programs

Erin Harvey, MSA
Pitt County Schools Early College High School Liaison

Manika Parker, BA
High School Liaison, Career and College Promise

Shunyoung Razor, BS
NCWorks Career Coach

Sheena Roberson, BS
NCWorks Career Coach

Cortisha Skinner
NCWorks Career Coach

Career and College Promise Coordinator


Leigh Russell, MLS
Library Director

Stephanie P. Bowers, PhD, MLS
Serials/Reference Librarian

Brittany Champion
Instruction and Outreach Librarian

Angela S. Davis, MLS
Instruction and Web Services Librarian

Evan Schmoll, MLS
Public Services Librarian

Arthur B. Stevenson
Library Technical Assistant for Circulation Services

Lynn A. Smith
Bookkeeper/ Administrative Assistant I, Library

Teresa W. Thompson, AAS
Library Technical Assistant for Learning Technologies

Transitional Studies

Belinda L. Grubbs, MAEd
Interim Director, Transitional Studies/ Instructional Coordinator, Basic Skills (AHS, On-Campus)

Patti R. Burke, PhD
Instructor, Adult Basic Education

Laura L. Corbett, AA
Data Management Specialist

Sharon Edwards
Instructional Coordinator, English Language Acquisition (ESL)

Anna S. Holtvedt, BA
Instructor, Adult Basic Education

Mary T. Hopkins, MSA
Assessment Coordinator, Chief HSE Examiner (High School Equivalency-GED®, HiSET, TASC)

Rita J. Mallett, MA
Basic Skills Instructor (ESL)

Tereasa D. Staton, BS
Instructional Coordinator, Basic Skills (Off-Campus)

Dini Taylor, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Data Assistant

Enrollment Services

C. Brian Jones, MEd
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Services

Shannon Tillett, BA
Administrative Assistant II, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services

Admissions and Advising

Lori Cohens, MA, BA
Student Success Advisor

Camille Cooper, MSEd
Student Success Advisor

Brooke Green, MA, BA
Student Success Advisor

Clark Howerton, BA
Student Success Advisor

William White, BS
Student Success Advisor

Ashleigh Yearde, MSW
Gear Up Success Coach

Administrative Assistant I, Admissions and Advising

Student Success Advisor/University Transfer, Title III

Financial Aid

Lee Bray, MS
Director, Financial Aid Services

Janet D. Brewer, AAS
Financial Aid Assistant

John (Doug) Collins, BA
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Services

Phyllis M. Dixon, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Financial Aid

Cicoira Drummond, BS
Financial Aid Assistant

Rosemary B. Johnson, MBA
Financial Aid Assistant

Barbara Manning, BA
Financial Aid Assistant

Norma E. Manning, BS
Financial Aid Assistant

Tonya A. Moye, AAS
Financial Aid Assistant

Douglas Quinn, BS
Veteran’s Service Specialist

Sonji Rowsom, BS
Coordinator of Veterans Affairs

Kiara Stanley
Administrative Assistant I, Financial Aid


John Carrere, BS
Director, Office of Recruitment

Laurel Little, AAS
Soft Skills Coach


Anita Tyre, BS

Alisha S. Battle, BSBA
Placement Testing Assistant

Connie E. Blake, BSBE
Assistant Registrar

Dollie A. Brown, AAS
Admissions and Records Specialist

Stephanie Cooper
Admissions and Records Specialist

Dorothy Corbett
Admissions and Records Specialist

Lenora C. Harvey, BS, AAS
Admissions and Records Specialist

Rhonda W. Jones, AAS
Admissions and Records Coordinator

Kevin Lynch
Administrative Assistant I, Admissions and Records

Angela M. Moore
Registration Technician

Kakisha R. Roberson, AAS
Admissions and Records Specialist

Crissy Stewart, BS
Coordinator, Placement Testing

Admissions and Records Specialist

Graduation Specialist

Title III Grant

Andrea Stamper, MPA
Program Director, Title III Grant

Data Specialist, Title III Grant

Student Support

Jasmin L. Spain, MEd
Assistant Vice President, Student Support

April L. Moore, BSBE
Administrative Assistant III, Assistant Vice President for Student Support

Career Services and Workforce Development

Director, Career Services and Workforce Development

Reginald (Reggie) Baker
Employer Relations Specialist, Career Services

Pamela Cannon, AAS
Resource Specialist, Career Services and Academic Advising

Karen Davis, MA
Coordinator, Human Resources Development

Elizabeth Midyette, BS
Administrative Assistant I, Business and Industry Services

Sheila Ormond
Coordinator, Industrial Instruction

M. Arwen Parris, BS
Career Services Coordinator

Latrice Perry
Regional Apprenticeship Coordinator

Curshenia Wilson
Education Navigator, Food and Nutrition Services Employment and Training

Career Outreach Specialist

Student Advocacy

Kimberly F. Williamson, EdD
Senior Director, Student Advocacy

Karen C. Albrecht, MS, CRC, LPC, LCASA
Counselor, Accessibility Services

Jeffrey Jones, BS
Administrative Assistant, Accessibility Services

Lisa Kelley, MS, BSW, AA
Director, Accessibility Services

Mecca Moore, MS, NCC

Olivia M. Sutton, MS
Lead Counselor

Mary F. Tyson, BS
Accessibility Services Specialist

Student Engagement and Leadership

Danielle Poyner, MPA
Director, Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL)

Jeremiah David
Minority Male Success Initiative Specialist (High School)

Alliyah Floyd
Student Activities Specialist

Steffen McGhee
Minority Male Success Initiative Specialist (College)

Darrick Mullins, BS
Coordinator, Recreation and Student Success/ Coburn Center Coordinator/ Head Men’s Basketball Coach


Travis Kinsey, MEd
Director, TRiO Programs

Christine Humphrey, BBA
Administrative Assistant I, Data Specialist

Letita Joyner, MEL, MSA
Student Equity Specialist - Student Support Services First Generation

Kimberly Moody
EOC Outreach Specialist, TRiO

Vanessa Pippen, MBA
EOC Coordinator, TRiO

Sandra Saunders-Smith, MS
EOC Outreach Specialist, TRiO

Amy L. Staton, BS
Academic Specialist, English/Reading, TRiO

Kim H. Waters, MS
Program Counselor, TRiO

Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services

Rick Owens, MBA
Vice President, Administrative Services

Julie H. Moseley
Administrative Assistant III, Vice President Administrative Services

Campus Police

Tyrone Turnage, Jr., MSCJ
Chief of Police, Campus Police

Issac Barrett, AAS
Police Captain, Campus Police

Sherry Bullock, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, Campus Police

Tineshia Cox, BS
Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant I, Campus Police

Gary Davis, MSCJ
Campus Police Officer

Tamara Hunter
Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant I, Campus Police

Shawn L. Meeks, MBA
Police Sergeant, Campus Police

Janet Pineda, AAS
Campus Police Officer

Angel Rypkema, AAS
Campus Police Officer

Terry R. Williams, BLET Certified
Police Sergeant, Campus Police

Gregory Willis, BLET Certified
Campus Police Officer

Facilities Services

Timothy H. Strickland
Director, Facility Services

Mary Allen

Ricky Arrington
General Maintenance Assistant

Rodney Best

Nicole Blackshear Juarez, AA, AAS
Office Manager

Tirara Carmon

Benjamin Clemons

Kelvin K. Cox
General Maintenance Assistant

George M. Dupree, AAS
General Maintenance Technician II

Jerry V. Garris
Coordinator of Operations Management

Steve W. Jordan
General Maintenance Technician I

Richard S. Joyner
General Maintenance Technician II

Austin Lilley
General Maintenance Technician

Patricia Millender

Timothy P. Moore, Electrical License, Diploma
Assistant Director of Facilities Management

Carol Phillips

William Powell
Custodial Supervisor

Stephenie L. Stox, AAS
Information/Receptionist/Clerk, Facilities Services

Lakisha Williams

General Maintenance Technician

Information Technology and Services

Ernest L. Simons, III, MBA, CGCIO
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology and Services

Khalid A. Abdelfattah, MS, BS
Director, Application Development

Brian Bothern, AAS, CNA
Director, Information Systems

Jason K. Bratton, AAS
Technical Analyst, Computer Support

Wyatt Brown
Help Desk Operator

Pamela Garris
Administrative Assistant II, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology and Services

Robert Green
Personal Computer Technician, Computer Support

Kirk J. Grice, AAS
Network Administrator, Network Services

Richard C. Grimes, BSBE
Technical Coordinator/Information Systems Instructor, Computer Support

Beverly Hunt
Help Desk Operator

Paul N. Lilley, AAS
Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Sarah Lee
Network Technician, Network Services

David Looney, BS
Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Sarah C. Manley, BS
Application Programmer/Analyst, Application Development

Jamelle Matthewson, AAS
Network Technician, Network Services

Michael S. Mayo, AAS
Tech Specialist/Personal Computer Technician, Computer Support

Jeremy Morris, MS, BS, CCAI
IT Support and Security Services Supervisor

Daniel Ortega
Application Programmer/Analyst, Application Development

Sandy Rose, AAS
Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Jason Stevens, AAS
Network Technician, Network Services

Colin Stonerock, AAS
Personal Computer Technician, Computer Support

Billy M. Vines, AAS
Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Adam Wainright, BS
Application Programmer/Analyst, Application Development

Wes M. Wooten, BSBA, AAS, ABA
Director, Computer Support

Intranet Developer, Application Development

Inventory Control/Courier Services

Scott Chauncey, BSBA
Inventory Control and Courier Services Manager

Lillie L. Andrews, AAS
Courier Services Technician

Ashleigh W. Kuenzi, AAS
Administrative Assistant, Inventory Control Officer

Alton Tyre
Equipment and Inventory Control Officer

Roy L. Wooten
Courier Services Technician

Office of the Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer

Ricky D. Brown, MBA
Vice President, Finance/Chief Financial Officer

Jane Alligood, BS
Director, Purchasing and Contracts

Holly Edwards Barbee, BSBA
Director, College Store

Queen Boyd
Copy Center Technician

Kelly J. Clark, AAS
Administrative Assistant III, Chief Financial Officer

Paula Dickens, AAS
Accounting Technician

Kenneth Edwards, AAS
College Bookstore Technician

Ginger H. Ferrell, AAS
Accounts Payable/Travel Technician

Becky A. Godley
Payroll Technician

Bethany R. Lane, AAS
Staff Accountant

Kelly Moore, AAS
Internal FTE Auditor

Amanda L. Murray, BSBA
Accounts Receivable Technician II

Angie S. Peaden, AAS
Staff Accountant

Julie M. Peaden
Payroll Manager

Ava Porter, BSBA
Accounting Technician

Sandra C. Richardson
Purchasing Technician

Gloristeen Roberson, AAS
Manager, Copy Center

La Quanda Tabb
College Bookstore Technician

Stephen R. Venters, BS, AAS
Assistant Manager, College Store

Samantha Whitehurst, BS
P-Card Administrator

Tia S. Whitfield, BSBA
Staff Accountant

Tracey M. Yarborough, AAS
Accounts Receivable/Cashier Supervisor

Accounting Technician

Office of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Marianne K. Cox, MAEd
Vice President, Institutional Advancement

John C. Bacon, BS
Development Officer

Gretchen Baugh
Marketing Specialist

Montez Bishop, MPH
VISIONS Coordinator

Kateryna Koslapova, BS
Media Relations Specialist

Michelle Daniels, AAS
Administrative Assistant III, Institutional Advancement

Tamsey Evans, MA
Resources Development Donor and Data Specialist

Rob A. Goldberg, BA
Media Relations Director

Erin C. Greenleaf, BA
Events Specialist

Gabriela Navarro, AAS
Administrative Assistant I, VISIONS

Jane M. Power, BID
Director, Marketing

Georgia “Beth” Sigmon, BA
Executive Director of PCC Foundation

Kimberly Simpkins, BA
Scholarship Coordinator

Newton E. Smith, BFA
Marketing Specialist

Katelynn James Speas, MS
VISIONS College Coordinator

Rebecca D. Warren, BS
VISIONS Director